• Image of Variations on Mannerism by Filipe Rocha da Silva

Filipe Rocha da Silva's Ph.D. thesis in visual arts, presented at the University of Évora, Portugal, in January 2005, is subdivisible into several parts that are relatively independent. This is the second volume of a comparative study between art and society in the sixteenth and twentieth centuries, according to several criteria: artistic freedom, treatment of the human figure, composition and structure of the pictorial space, status of the artist, the art school, globalization, the value of art and the role of the public.

Portuguese, conclusion in English, 216 pages, 15 x 21 cm, offset 1/1. Softcover, offset 2/2, stitched and glued. Inside cover and backcover with an illustration by the author. 30 B&W illustrations.

ISBN 978-989-97189-0-6

November 2011

Edition of 1,000

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