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BYPASS #2 (2010-2011)
Theme: The Infinitely Small and the Infinitely Large

Editors: Álvaro Seiça and Gaëlle Marques

Authors: Adrian Hornsby, Ana Cardim, André Sier, Bjørn Andreassen, Catarina Alfaro, Edwin Pickstone, Federico Pedrini, Francesco Scavetta, Francisco M Laranjo, Isidro Paiva, Jeffrey Ladd, João Farelo, Nathan Boyer, Neville Mars, Pedro Russo, Rafael Gouveia, Ricardo Cabaça, Rute Cebola, Seth Cluett, Taylor Ho Bynum, Vasco Gato

Graphic Design: Cláudio Silva and Gonçalo Viegas

Bilingual, English and Portuguese, 352 pages, 15 x 21 cm, offset 4/4. Softcover, 4/1, glued. 109 color illustrations.

ISSN 1646-9011

Edition of 2,000

18 € + Shipping & Handling


BYPASS is a hyperdisciplinary publication on creation and theory. It is annual and bilingual: English and Portuguese. It presents a contemporary theme, which is appropriated by authors of different nationalities and domains: visual arts, literature, art theory, architecture, music, philosophy, dance, design, cinema, jewellery design, theatre, illustration, astrophysics, and performance arts.